You have fallen in love with your new Sweet Three pieces so be sure to follow these guidelines & it will help preserve the finish on your beautiful jewelry. 

  • Always put your jewelry on last; after perfumes, lotions, oils and any hair products.
  • Take your jewelry off before you get into the shower, bath, chlorinated pool, or hot tub.

STERLING SILVER - Authentic .925 Sterling Silver will never permanently change colour, however over time it will tarnish. To keep your piece looking bright, shiny, and new polish frequently with a silver cleaning cloth and store in a sealed bag. 

GOLD & ROSE GOLD PLATED - Plated pieces are solid sterling silver that are dipped in gold or rose gold, then sealed with a top coating. Over time, wear will cause the colour of the plating to fade. To preserve the plating, it is recommended that you remove your jewelry while showering, washing your hands, or dealing with household chemicals and lotions.

BIRCH - Our birch pieces are made from birch and even though they are sealed, wearing them in water will cause them to swell and damage. Always be sure to avoid moisture with your birch pieces. 


You can exchange your jewelry within 60 days of your purchase date. Your jewelry must be returned for exchange in the same condition you originally received it. Items purchased through on of our retailers do not qualify for a return/refund directly through us. 

The value of your exchange is the same as when you purchased it.

Earrings do not qualify for a normal return or exchange as standard practice due to health and safety factors: the fact earrings are in direct contact with penetrated skin.

Although these measures are in place in the best interest of our customer’s health and safety, we do acknowledge the intent to return or exchange earrings means you were not 100% happy with your choice. Customers that want to return earrings are eligible to receive an sweetthreedesigns.com credit for 50% of the purchase value of your earrings in lieu of a full refund. You also get to keep the original earrings.


Your Sweet Three jewelry is warrantied for any material defects (a defect in the design and/or materials used) for 60 days from time of purchase. This warranty does not cover normal and expected wear and tear. Please do not wear your items in water, leave them exposed in damp/humid conditions (bathroom) or expose them to chemicals such as hairspray or hand sanitizer! If the back falls off a wooden earring it is almost always due to water exposure.