Farm-Her Coin Necklace Collection

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If there is anyone out there who deserves a token designed specifically for them, it's the women in agriculture. A collaboration driven by Tara Bauer of 805 Farms has resulted in the ultimate keepsake for all the hard-working females who find themselves deep in the rural trenches of juggling livestock, families, grain farming, homesteading and all that falls between. 

Choose from four designs - cow, goat, flower and wheat - each in two different colour finishes. Necklaces are high quality, 14K Gold Plated Stainless Steel with chains that can be adjusted between 18-20" in length. Each necklace comes in a gorgeous keepsake box with a heartfelt ode to the Farm Hers and Farm Wives in our lives. 

About 805 Farms:

Not only does Tara breed and raise the most gorgeous little goats on her family farm, but she also handcrafts artisan soap products made from the milk her herd produces.  In addition to creating her goat milk products, she has a green thumb and boasts the most amazing flower gardens.


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